I stress out a lot. This might be surprising to some people who know me because I usually come off pretty care free. I have been stressed out a lot lately, for a lot of different reasons. Generally speaking, it’s over dumb stuff that I am making up in my mind. Things like social situations I have no control over, or what I think someone else thinks about me, or what is going to happen if I am 5 minutes late to something.

I could spend the next 5-10 minutes writing about what specifically I am stressed out about, but I think this would be a disservice to both you and myself, instead I want to talk to you about what completely puts me at ease. That just so happens to be what I am doing right at this very moment, and it is the very reason I am writing this blog post.

Quick background, I just got new health insurance, after not having any for a short spell, and I went in for a doctors visit. The co-pay ended up costing $60, which sort of stressed me out; not because I don’t have it, but because I was sort of not expecting to spend $60 (ultimately I should have done my homework and seen this coming). Also the doctor who was there was not my normal doctor, and he was sort of an A-hole. He didn’t really listen to my concerns, and he seemed like he wanted to get out of there quickly (I’m not that ugly am i?!).

After the freak show (staring yours truly) I decided to ride my bike to a local coffee shop, I ordered the last of their drip, and popped in my head phones when suddenly ‘Re: Stacks’ by Bon Iver came on.

I’m melting, my stress is melting, Suddenly I am freaking St. Peter walking on water, I’m Daniel in the lions den, I’m Moses walking in between the split seas, I’m…I’m…I’m Matthew McConaughey on quaaludes on a beach after just passing the SAT’s with a perfect score.

That’s the sort of Zen that is buzzing around my head right now.

What the F is in this coffee?

Anyway, it’s a gift from the Lord when life builds up on itself, and a little thing like coffee and good music will completely chill you out. I consider it a blessing, and I plan on cherishing this blessing, at least for a moment.

That’s all for now.




This year I decided to take myself more seriously.

I have always admired individuals who posses the skill of writing well. Personally I know two incredible writers, and they are both related to me, my little brother Abel, and my older sister Rachel. They write the way my mind wishes it could think. Whenever I read something they have written I’m completely hooked the whole way through.

I have always wanted to be a writer, not even a good writer, just someone who consistently writes. But I think I got a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to writing. I think college and high school gave me that bad taste. I had too many professors make me write too long of papers on subjects I wasn’t to interested in. Now that I am in grad school studying business I surprisingly don’t write too many papers. And when I do, they are about subjects that are way more interesting to me. Well, maybe not interesting, but more challenging, which is interesting in it’s own way.

This year I decided to write more. I write here on this blog. I write more tweets (I know that that is silly, but I find it to be a good exercise in finding your voice), and I have been writing in this tiny blue notebook my wife got me for Christmas. So far all I have written about is what is on my mind at that very moment. Ultimately I hope to write a story, I am not sure what that story is yet, but I am excited to start on it. I sort of feel like it will just come to me at some point this year. So I am going to keep writing until I figure it out.



Tubbs at Dusk

Yesterday my wife and I went on a very long, cold, enjoyable walk around Tubbs Hill (a local hill, forested by trees, and surrounded by water in the heart of Coeur d’Alene). I often forget how therapeutic a walk around this hill is. It’s a good two miles of pure beauty. Every turn offers new views, charming landscapes, and fresh perspectives. I am incredibly fortunate to live less than a mile from this hill, but I don’t walk it’s trails nearly as much as I would like to.

I think this year I’ll change that.


Friday mornings are great. You wake up excited about the weekend. You drive to the local cafe for a pour over and a blueberry muffin. You drive to work while listening to your “Vibes – January 2018” playlist on Spotify. And then you get to work.

Friday is the best day of the week because you only have things to look forward to. It’s like the months and weeks leading up to a vacation. They are almost equally as exciting as the vacation itself. Life with out excitement and expectancy sort of sucks. I prefer Fridays.



Coffee Snob

I live in what is known as the Inland Northwest. About 5 hours east of Seattle in the North Idaho Panhandle. Because of our close proximity to Portland and Seattle many a millennial have taken it upon themselves to become connoisseurs of coffee in lieu of going to college or learning a trade. This is humorous to me because all coffee is basically the same. Coffee has many forms and flavors yes, but if you try to compare a Sumatran blend from Starbucks and a Chronic Super Dank from Doma to the difference between Roman Catholicism and Rastafarianism, then I am sorry but you are a [insert negative adjective here].

It is not wrong to enjoy locally roasted and organically grown coffee by any means. But if you are passing on the Folgers, then I can’t be your friend.

Not sure if we are friends anymore,