Coffee Snob

I live in what is known as the Inland Northwest. About 5 hours east of Seattle in the North Idaho Panhandle. Because of our close proximity to Portland and Seattle many a millennial have taken it upon themselves to become connoisseurs of coffee in lieu of going to college or learning a trade. This is humorous to me because all coffee is basically the same. Coffee has many forms and flavors yes, but if you try to compare a Sumatran blend from Starbucks and a Chronic Super Dank from Doma to the difference between Roman Catholicism and Rastafarianism, then I am sorry but you are a [insert negative adjective here].

It is not wrong to enjoy locally roasted and organically grown coffee by any means. But if you are passing on the Folgers, then I can’t be your friend.

Not sure if we are friends anymore,



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