This year I decided to take myself more seriously.

I have always admired individuals who posses the skill of writing well. Personally I know two incredible writers, and they are both related to me, my little brother Abel, and my older sister Rachel. They write the way my mind wishes it could think. Whenever I read something they have written I’m completely hooked the whole way through.

I have always wanted to be a writer, not even a good writer, just someone who consistently writes. But I think I got a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to writing. I think college and high school gave me that bad taste. I had too many professors make me write too long of papers on subjects I wasn’t to interested in. Now that I am in grad school studying business I surprisingly don’t write too many papers. And when I do, they are about subjects that are way more interesting to me. Well, maybe not interesting, but more challenging, which is interesting in it’s own way.

This year I decided to write more. I write here on this blog. I write more tweets (I know that that is silly, but I find it to be a good exercise in finding your voice), and I have been writing in this tiny blue notebook my wife got me for Christmas. So far all I have written about is what is on my mind at that very moment. Ultimately I hope to write a story, I am not sure what that story is yet, but I am excited to start on it. I sort of feel like it will just come to me at some point this year. So I am going to keep writing until I figure it out.



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