I stress out a lot. This might be surprising to some people who know me because I usually come off pretty care free. I have been stressed out a lot lately, for a lot of different reasons. Generally speaking, it’s over dumb stuff that I am making up in my mind. Things like social situations I have no control over, or what I think someone else thinks about me, or what is going to happen if I am 5 minutes late to something.

I could spend the next 5-10 minutes writing about what specifically I am stressed out about, but I think this would be a disservice to both you and myself, instead I want to talk to you about what completely puts me at ease. That just so happens to be what I am doing right at this very moment, and it is the very reason I am writing this blog post.

Quick background, I just got new health insurance, after not having any for a short spell, and I went in for a doctors visit. The co-pay ended up costing $60, which sort of stressed me out; not because I don’t have it, but because I was sort of not expecting to spend $60 (ultimately I should have done my homework and seen this coming). Also the doctor who was there was not my normal doctor, and he was sort of an A-hole. He didn’t really listen to my concerns, and he seemed like he wanted to get out of there quickly (I’m not that ugly am i?!).

After the freak show (staring yours truly) I decided to ride my bike to a local coffee shop, I ordered the last of their drip, and popped in my head phones when suddenly ‘Re: Stacks’ by Bon Iver came on.

I’m melting, my stress is melting, Suddenly I am freaking St. Peter walking on water, I’m Daniel in the lions den, I’m Moses walking in between the split seas, I’m…I’m…I’m Matthew McConaughey on quaaludes on a beach after just passing the SAT’s with a perfect score.

That’s the sort of Zen that is buzzing around my head right now.

What the F is in this coffee?

Anyway, it’s a gift from the Lord when life builds up on itself, and a little thing like coffee and good music will completely chill you out. I consider it a blessing, and I plan on cherishing this blessing, at least for a moment.

That’s all for now.



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